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Looking to shear your bunny but not sure where to start? Our Shearing Checklist is here to help. We offer the American Angora Shearing Method, an efficient and humane way to shear your rabbits. Join our community of fearless bunny shearers and download our FREE checklist to get started on your journey. Our checklist includes what you need to know, from equipment to what to wear. Don't wait any longer to take the first step towards a beautiful, healthy coat for your bunny.


As a yarn shop, we understand the importance of quality animal care in producing high-quality wool. That's why we are offering this Rabbit Sales Checklist for free to rabbit breeders looking to sell their rabbits. The checklist is designed to help breeders ensure that they have covered all the necessary information when listing their rabbits for sale. By using our checklist, breeders can increase their chances of successfully selling their rabbits and finding them a loving home. Download our Rabbit Sales Checklist now and get started on your next successful sale.

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Shearing & Rabbit Sales Checklists

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