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Marshmallow would prefer a steady diet of marshmallows. No carrots please. Marshmallow does not mind if they are in hot chocolate, toasted, or right out of the bag! The colorful marshmallows are a large question mark, however. You see, Marshmallow has never tasted one! He has often wondered what the pink ones taste like. Are they really strawberry flavored? And the yellow marshmallows. He spends many days wondering what is really going on there. The rest of his time is spent carefully waiting for a human to call his own. In fact, he has been waiting on the couch, patiently, since he arrived. Might you be the human for him? Perhaps you are, if you also love marshmallows. :)


Handmade from hand spun alpaca yarn. Stuffed with 100% organic cotton stuffing. He is best cared for by hand washing and laying to dry. No washing machines or dryers for Marshmallow, please. 


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