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Perhaps you are obsessed with rabbits and chanced upon this whimsical book. Perhaps someone who knows you very well found this book and would like you to make them a rabbit hat. Also possible would be this: you simply have had it with the dullness of winter and would like the playfulness, the jolly rabbit, to chase the cold away. Maybe there is no logical reason for why this book is now in your hands. I don’t know what you are doing these days, honestly. But the book is here! With you! Contained in the following pages are 14 unique patterns. Each varies in complexity and skills required. Fear not! Consistency is present! All require sport weight yarn and US size 4 needles. 


It is time, my new found yarnie rabbit friend. Turn the pages. Look at the pictures and the charts. Select your yarn and pattern. Begin the adventure! What joy might be found within these pages...time to find out!

A Winter's Worth of Rabbit Hats and other knit hat patterns ebook

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