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Yarns & Yarns "The Education of Ivy Blake"

Mass confusion at the Rabbitry & Yarns last night! 38 year old woman caught reading young juvenile fiction book about 11 year old girl! Chaos! Full blown family crisis ensues the next day! Trial held in courtroom (aka the kitchen) next day! TRUE STORY!

My testimony, on record (provided at the kitchen table/stand in courtroom):

It was a loaned book, I swear! It was suggested as a possible book to read out loud to the kids (age 10, 10, and 5). It was not meant to be. An all out psychological soul-search resulted (mine). "Proper mothering" questioned (by me to myself). Four simple hours of reading and this book was finished. Cover to cover. Then, the hideous question, "do I read this to the kids?" I searched for an answer! I promise you, I searched for the right answer! The kids begged me to read it to them! The pressure of the combined forces of the 10 year old, the 10 year old and the 5 year old! I am guilty! Guilty of NOT reading the kids this book!

The only answers are both answers and non-answers all wrapped into one. If you can figure out the answer to the question, please let me know. Swiftly, if you can. (Which means you need to have read the book to understand what in the heck is going on!) The only things I came up with are as follows:

  1. The decision to be made is more clear than the journey towards the decision.

  2. It is the end that clarifies the confusion of the journey.

  3. Nothing makes sense until after it makes sense.

  4. Wait long enough and sense turns back into nonsense.

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