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Yarns & Yarns "South of Superior"

"If you stay north long enough, you'll find out you only need what you need. Nothing more."

"...chronic shortage of time."

Both of these are quotes from the book South of Superior. One describes living up north, here, at the Rabbitry & Yarns. (The author certainly was not aware that this description matched so well.) The other quote describes something less desirable. It is something to guard against. Something a wise being might even call a modern affliction. Both of these quotations fit together.

Here is a book that is a bit different. It's about a place that is certainly not leading the race towards "the next new thing." There are no flashing lights, nor lines of buildings full of modern "conveniences." No one is trying to keep up with anyone fashionable. No one is seeking entrance into the rat race. Your hair hasn't been professionally cut in how long? No one cares, or even notices. You have on dirty jeans from working, real, physical, outdoor labor? Well, all the better. No need to change anything before picking up groceries later in the day. You are seeking to "get ahead" and "make a fortune?" Now you've got problems. Vanity is not welcome. Unchecked greed is not welcome. Stepping on your neighbor to get an advantage financially will get you the appropriately earned concise label: "jacka**." Yes, this is a book about a way of life. About genuine. About authentic. Real.

As always, if you are interested in reading this book. please try to find a copy at your local library, borrow a copy (as I did) from a friend, or purchase a second hand copy. Sometimes certain books are not easy to come by and purchasing a copy is the best choice. Here is the link to this book.

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