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Yarns & Yarns: Oh for gosh sakes!

Oh for gosh sakes! It's like a bomb went off, again!

First, the noise. Gotta sort through the noise of our modern scatterbrained society.

Then, the smoke, dust, and debris. Things used to be clear. Things used to fit together in a way that worked.

Finally, oh glorious silence! Clarity! The smoke clears and the dust settles. The noise is long gone.

Reading a Temple Grandin book is like surviving an internal bomb. It is a process. Not everyone makes it through. Those who do make it through are changed. It is honest and true.

As always, if you can, find this book at your library, borrow it from a friend or obtain a second hand copy. Sometimes these options just aren't readily available and purchasing a new copy is the best course of action (like I did). Here is the link, just in case.

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