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Yarns & Yarns: Good hearty dose of adventure.

Patience. This book sat on my "to read list" with patience. (This is the only thing a book can do on such a list). The problem is, once you open this book, the patience is utterly exhausted. BLOWN TO BITS, as it were.

"KEEP READING," the darned thing demands. "KEEP READING," the children shout. "KEEP READING," the little chick peeps, or I think that is what it was peeping.

Take me away-dear patient/impatient book! Give up the good hearty dose of adventure between your pages! And with each turn of the page, it does....

As always, visit your library, borrow a copy from a friend, or try to find this book at a second hand store. Sometimes we can't obtain a book by any of those means. Here is the link to the book if you are unable to secure it any other way.

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