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Yarns & Yarns: A delightful effect of velcro.

This book had the delightful effect of velcro. Once I picked it up, my brain did not allow my hands to put it down. This is a young readers fiction book. Oh, but is it really?

It was another book I picked up at a second-hand store. The price was right and the title sounded absurd and familiar. (Two lovely things.) Yet, after bringing it home, it sat on the shelf for months. No child nor adult in our house would touch it. Who knew the contents were so powerful and imaginative? The cover betrays anger, not the wisdom within! And the cover certainly does not appear to show life lessons! My only wish is that I read it sooner!

As always, try to find a copy at your library, borrow from a bookish friend, or buy second-hand. If you are not able to, I included the link below.

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