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Yarns & Yarns (a book review) "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance."

This particular book pops up on certain book lists. The lists might have different titles. The lists might be from different decades. The general undercurrent of these lists remains the same. Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance is a book reported to have a certain ability to impact the human who stumbles across it.

I found it to be a curious book. It is heavily burdened with lengthy and philosophical sentences. What these sentences are saying and what they are really saying requires one to ponder. There is a certain meandering in the book. This meandering reminds one of a motorcycle ride on a less traveled road.

Just like riding a motorcycle without a helmet, this book has a certain risk for the reader. Turn the page and what sentence will collide with the reader's experience of reality? As with motorcycles, this book offers not seatbelt. Proceed with curious caution...if you are seeking a trip.

***I found this book at a second hand shop and passed my copy along after reading. If you are able, please consider doing the same. Second hand book shops, book stores and books in general are becoming rather rare. Here is a link to secure your own copy, if you are unable to find it otherwise:

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