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Would you like to improve your angora rabbit shearing skills?

What a ridiculous question. Of course! As angora rabbit owners, we seek to have a relaxed shearing experience. Who is surprised that our rabbits seek the same thing? Let's just call that ridiculous question number 2.

Over the years, it has become clear that many factors of shearing are within our influence. It has also remained clear that the rabbit is an individual. A peaceful shearing CAN be accomplished. It is not magic. The first time you experience a peaceful shearing, it will feel magical.

Younger bunnies are more likely to move around, when we would rather have them remain stationary during shearing. Angora rabbits experienced in the Razzle Dazzle Shearing Method are more likely to remain stationary. The best part, is that remaining stationary is accepted peacefully by the rabbit.

The second edition of How to Shear Your Angora Rabbit with Kindness explains the method, with pictures. It is a succinct resource, worthy of your attention. Perhaps, your rabbits have been wishing for this. What reason do you have to avoid improving your shearing skills? And that is called ridiculous question number 3.

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