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Who's birthday is coming up?

Birthdays, Holidays, Anniversaries, New Members of the Family Days, Mondays, any day. Look ahead. What day is coming up? The Rabbitry & Yarns offers unique items. Sometimes this includes cute American Angora Rabbits! Although I cannot recommend giving a rabbit as a gift to everybody, I can recommend a rather frequently requested item.

eGift Cards have arrived. Yes, you have been requesting them. Sometimes weekly...ooops! Now they are ready for your fingertips to select. Sometimes gift cards have silly expiration dates or fees that eat away at the balance. The Rabbitry & Yarns eGift Cards do not have hidden fees and you have SIX whole years to use them.

Here are some suggestions for assisting others in gifting you an eGift Card:

  1. Write a letter to your mate in red lipstick stating, "How can I possibly thank you for the Rabbitry & Yarns eGift Card? Suggestions welcome. P.S. "

  2. Carefully obtain 22 pieces of sidewalk chalk. Begin writing things such as: all over your driveway, sidewalk, and pathways.

  3. Use all your social media accounts to explain your upcoming important life event. Include the link:

  4. This is becoming more and more ridiculous. Maybe just click the link and send an adorable human an eGift Card yourself.

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