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The air is filled with an unclear something.

Puff! The cloud of questionable something starts as soon as it is turned on. Poof! Bigger, steadily, and constantly it grows. Vroooooooooom-shriek! The high-pitched noise increases to a scream. These are the sights and sounds of a vacuum at the end of it's functional life.

Farewell vacuum. You went out boldly and with utter certainty. There was no question, dear vacuum, that you had enough. You had enough of the angora bunny fiber, the sheep wool, the alpaca and silk. I wish you a well-deserved rest.

As for the replacement. A spiffy looking thing. Perhaps, loud in appearance, yet quiet when running. Will this replacement be up to the task of cleaning up after a fiber artist and fiber animal raiser? The hope for a clean house. The expectations of being able to remove fluff from furniture. Will this replacement live up to it's advertised promises? Time is the only way to tell.


Who will win?

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