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Starting Over or New Beginnings

This summer was a minimal social media post summer. Overwhelmingly, the presence of social media in my life was more and more overwhelming. Perhaps you have felt the same?

Photo of the grass we feed our animals.

Time can only be spent once. Then it is gone. It cannot be recalled and redone. There are simply no repeats of moments. These thoughts combined and evolved while reading the book, Aftermath: Life in the Fallout of the Third Reich, 1945-1955. This is a book about rebuilding. The topic of rebuilding was heavy on my mind this June and July.

<-------Click the link to get your copy.

As humans, life is full of various rebuilds. Perhaps it is a house. Maybe it is a relationship. It could be gaining more focus and lessening time spent on social media. Sometimes, it is an entire world. I always found creating with my hands to be soothing and healing. Especially in times of rebuilding.

Photos of 2 ply Wosna yarn.

Photo of sun beginning to set at the rabbitry.

As always, thank you, my yarnie friends. Cheers to rebuilders, everywhere! Steph :)

P.S. Do you know a fellow yarnie, crafter, reader, animal raiser? I would appreciate if you shared this blog with them.

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