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Sir Dovic von Coal Bunny for adoption!

Greetings from this lovely bunny named Sir Divoc von Coal. Sir Divoc is of unknown age and origin. Scientists all over the world are looking for his origins at this time. He can appear and disappear at will. He has one black eye and one brown eye. The brown eye sees the best in every situation. The black eye will wink right before he disappears, or so Sir Divoc has said. He speaks a combination of Polish, French, English and a language consisting mostly of giggles mixed with his native bunny dialect. He is best described as infectious with his kind hearted personality. He helps everyone around him see the best in any situation, no matter how trying. He is made from hand spun 75% Gotland and 25% Angora rabbit yarn. His scarf is 100% angora, as is his heart tail. His nose is made from antique inspired wooden buttons. He is filled with 100% organic cotton. He is on the large size, resulting in an adoption fee of $62.

If you would like to make your own bunny, visit and download the "Coal Bunny" pattern for $6.

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