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Good bye Instagram, Twitter, and Reddit

Leaving by March 31st, 2021 is also the Razzle Dazzle Rabbitry & Yarns LLC Facebook business page. BUT WHY? Good question and better answer. Do you remember the video with Dawn of "Twice Sheared Sheep" last week? She briefly mentioned a comment about thinking about the business you are building. THINKing about it, for real. Would you want to build a business you do not enjoy? Not I! Seriously think about the way your business operates, or about the way you want your business to run. Then compare how things are now. Do they match?

Then there is Steve. As in Steve Jobs. The great mind behind Apple...or one of the many great minds behind Apple. He's often quoted with many intelligent comments. Here is one that stuck, "Do what you believe is great work. Don't Settle." Well, that starts to clear things up a little, right? The work I was doing on Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit was NOT great work. They were not platforms I really utilized. They took my time and effort. Hey, maybe one day I will go back to them. But not now.

So this is only a partial explanation and still leaves things muddled about the whole Facebook business account thing. Here it is: It just does not fit in with my business. Facebook does not allow the sale of animals. I am a rabbit raiser. This does not fit. Facebook does not allow many things that go along with fiber arts/fiber animal business. Try paying for an ad for a book explaining how to build a fiber arts/fiber animal business from home. It is not allowed. So why remain on a platform that is clearly not welcoming, and in fact, openly hostile to my art? To my business? To my animals? Very good questions, those are. Better answer: don't remain.

Where can you find us? HERE. This website and blog. Also, YouTube, Pinterest, the podcast, and for now, Linkedin. We have known for almost 2 years that Facebook has been changing the ability to practice our craft, or art. It has gotten crazy NEGATIVE out there. A wild, wild place. A warzone. I don't want a warzone. I want the positivity. The support. The friendship. The ability to live and let live. I don't want to see another of my fellow rabbit raisers attacked. So, MeWe is a spot that I've been on for about 2 years. I invite you to find me and let's keep on. Let's drop the bs. Here. I've already started. Find What Matters.

LOVE, Steph

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