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Discernment with yarn acquisitions.

Above is a link to a video regarding focus in life. Specifically, the idea that we do not "own" things. The things own us. They take our time, effort, energy. This I believe. It means I try not to have an overflowing yarn stash...maybe I could try harder. Joking aside, it is why I create luxury yarn. Yarn of the best of the best. The highest quality ingredients are used. The constant push to improve my yarn creation skills and knowledge. In short, to be discerning with every aspect of the yarn I create and offer. Not just any angora will do. I would rather have one ounce of beautiful, quality, luxurious hand spun angora yarn than a dump truck full of any other. It is not in the quality. It is in the discernment.

In general. I wanted to share this video with you because it spoke to my heart.

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