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Baby Bunnies: Angora rabbit as a companion

Jump into the future. Around 30 days from now. Beatrix should be having a litter of baby American Angora bunnies. How does an angora bunny fit the role of companion animal?

Angora rabbits are not all the same. The breeds have startling differences. German Angoras ultimately dominate wool production. Jersey Woolies are small in size. Satin Angoras have a sheen worthy of royalty. Each could be a match as a companion animal for a human. How does an American Angora fit the role as a companion to humans?

As a companion animal, American Angoras are selected for lack of aggression and ease of handling for shearing. An angora rabbit must have proper care of wool to remain healthy and content. It must also be well-suited in temperament for human life. Humans are loud, to rabbits. Humans are large and strong, to a rabbit. Humans can have unpredictable little humans. These little humans can be challenging for any rabbit to be with. American Angoras have been and continue to be selected to fit into human life.

Did you know each rabbit has it's own personality? Just as with humans, no two rabbits are exactly alike. One may love banana peels (Arthur). Another may ignore them until the offending banana peel is removed (Beatrix). Yet, the longer certain traits are selected for, the more likely they are to present themselves clearly in the new litters of bunnies. Perhaps, as a companion, an American Angora bunny may be worth the wait (30 days from now).

Please feel free to use the "contact us" feature to discuss your interest in an American Angora.

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