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Baby Bunnies: American Angora as wool producers

Raising any animal for wool is a complex undertaking. The selection of an angora rabbit is key to wool production. Prior to selection, an angora rabbit enthusiast must answer many questions. Neglecting to consider the breed and breeder of angora rabbit is risking the failure of the human/rabbit fit, and by extension, the ability to produce wool. What are some questions a rabbit enthusiast might consider?

  1. What impact does the adult rabbit size have on ease of shearing? Housing? Feed requirements?

  2. How does this rabbit breed typically handle heat? Cold?

  3. What care is required to prevent hay build up in the wool? Matting? Soiled/ruined wool?

  4. What method(s) of processing does this wool require?

  5. Does the rabbit, wool, and finished yarn delight?

Please use the "contact us" option to discuss how one of our bunnies may fit your wool production needs.

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