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ANGORA Tshirts!

Have you noticed a lack of factual information about angora rabbits? Have you ever been asked, "what is that?" And it was simply your fluffy angora rabbit? Have you noticed the widely contagious confusion suffered by many of your fellow humans...confusion on how to humanely harvest angora...just a simple haircut folks. Or maybe the bewildered question of, "so the rabbit doesn't die?" We could stop here, but let's not. Let's bring up the mass madness surrounding the "lost art" of spinning yarn. Or maybe, no, no. These are not weapons or chop sticks. How about crochet? A hook? Yes. Just hook. No "er" on the end. (Yes, I have genuinely been asked if it was called a "hooker." Thankfully, it was from a child who was not listening to me in the first place.

SOOOO, that brings us to now. Let's raise awareness kindly. Let's fix some of the goofiness. (Not all of it...some of the goof-group serves as free entertainment.) Let's do this in the funnest way. (Funnest is not a real word.) Grab one or both of these simple, yet effective, problem-solvers. $24.99 each. FREE shipping when you get ultra-ambitious and pick up 2 or for your entire family, dog, Monday, Tuesday, and days you wake up.

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