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A Story of Knitting

Every knitter has their own knitting story to share. My maternal grandparents owned a farm. In the farmhouse, yarn was always stored in the same place. Opening the yarn closet door and selecting a skein of yarn to play with resulted in endless inventions. Then the questions arrived.

How did this strand of yarn turn into a pillow, doll blanket, or sock? My yarn inventions refused to form any stable shape. In fact, my best yarn invention was cutting a long strand and encouraging the barn cats to chase it. It was a wildly successful, according to the cats. How did my grandma get the yarn to remain in a shape?

I believed it had to do with the magic wands. You see, she had these pointy wands that she would hold. So, my young child hands got ahold of these. I had the wands and the yarn, yet this was clearly not working. Nothing was developing the way it did when grandma had the wands. Something was missing? What?

What was missing was the mysterious knowledge of knitting. She began teaching me how to use the magic wands. As long as my grandma could cast on, start each row, and cast off, I could knit a perfect lumpy, bumpy, and misshapen line. Childhood joy resulted! It did not remain.

Time passed and in that time these nefarious things called "obligations" and "responsibilities" began to demand my attention. The magic wands were replaced with the not so mysterious pen for completing homework, keys for driving to work, and other demanding items. But something in my bones never forgot the magic.

I picked up the magic wands later in life. The mysterious knowledge of knitting was barely recognizable in my fingers. I had to be taught again. This time, to cast on, continue knitting, and cast off without grandma doing it for me. It was not to last. Again, the obligations and responsibilities took more and more time. Knitting was set aside.

Travel forward years in time. I am alone, living in an enchanting city called, "Kalamazoo." There has been a deep calling in my bones, which turned into a demand. It steadily repeated, "pick up the wands." So, I did.

After years of practice, the mysterious knowledge of knitting with those magic wands is mine to share. With you, no matter where you are in your knitting story, I share my free patterns. They are now yours to use with your own magic wands. There is joy, satisfaction, and peace in knitting. Please consider sharing the patterns on your social media or with anyone needing a little magic and mystery in life. Thank you!


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Diana Garino
Diana Garino
24 thg 12, 2022

What a beautiful story! 💕

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