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A letter to my children. "Two Worlds."

How do I tell you? There are two worlds. You must exist in both. One is what will sustain you financially. One is what will sustain your soul. One is ever-growing, expanding. It demands you attention. And you attention is your life. It is all you have of life. Modern technology is not made to follow the same laws of nature we humans must follow. It must be watched, used with clear intention and purpose. Modern technology will consumer you, if you are not on guard. It feels no guilt, nor responsibility for any consequence of it's existence. It was not designed to have a soul, a conscience. It does not exist in the same court of natural law as we do.

Be wary, my children, of modern technology. Be wary and use your discerning mind. There is a place for modern technology, but it is a war to keep it in it's place. You will grow up in a world where this technology is ever-present. In everything you do. Yours is a life that demands you acknowledge technology and learn to harness it. It is what will bring you income. It is what you must never exceed your dose of. Too much of it will rob your contentment and satisfaction. Rejection of it will not remove you from the war of balancing life with it. You must learn to balance it in your life.

See modern technology for what it is. It is a tool to earn a living, but never just a simple tool. It is insatiable, unlike a simple hammer. The hammer is a tool which relies only on natural law. A hammer is simple and clear. It hides no insatiable appetite. Modern technology does not comply with natural law. It was created and designed to whet your appetite and hook you into giving more and more of your attention (your life) to it.

But what of the other world you must exist in? The one which will sustain your soul? The one which brings contentment, satisfaction and joy? My children, do not hide from hard work. Do not hide from physical labor or physical tasks. Your body and your mind need this of you. Screens will not sustain your contentment, satisfaction, or give you real joy. It is only by setting down the screen(s), do you step into this other world. Work with your hands on a task without a screen. Create with your hands an invention without a screen. Use your eyes to see outside of a screen. Your ears to hear outside of a speaker. Your skin to feel the bite of cold winter winds and the unseen heat of our distant sun. Technology is a part of life, but it is not life entire.

No store can sell what I am talking about. Telling you of it is not a substitute for experiencing the joy of working with your hands, the joy of creating and living.

Our animals. The spinning wheel. The REAL yarns and rabbitry creations. Each one is real. I hope you seek and find yours, your REAL.

All my love,


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