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5 pregnant rabbit needs

How to care for a pregnant angora rabbit.

  1. A place to have babies. Rabbits will scratch, dig and move the contents of their environment around. They will need a place to make their nest. A nestbox is one option. The nestbox can be wood, cardboard or metal. In a pinch, a cardboard box may work, but know rabbits chew!

  2. Nesting materials. Typically hay or straw work well. Avoid high moisture content materials like fresh greens. The reason why is because moisture can lead to mold and bacteria growth. Mold is harmful to rabbits and bacteria can cause infections. If you do not have access to fresh hay or straw, you can use dried leaves, cut up dried cattail plant, dried dandelion plants, shredded pinecones and even dried grass from your lawn.

  3. Fresh water at all times. Do not be afraid to add another water bottle, just to make sure the pregnant doe has enough water. An angora rabbit is still growing wool while being pregnant. This means the doe has extra water needs.

  4. Balanced feed. Keep the fiber and protein content high and make sure the feed is a complete feed. The nutrients needed in pregnancy increase. Allow more feed in each feeding. You can continue to give treats to your rabbit.

  5. A safe, calm place to live while pregnant. A pregnant doe will begin to lay more as the pregnancy progresses. Loud noises, new anything, including people, are best kept to a minimum. Being pregnant is hard work and stress is unwelcome. Support your doe by making her feel safe. She should not have to worry about predators, being hungry, thirsty, where to build a nest and what to build it out of.

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