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We raise American Angora Rabbits, angora wool, and make hand spun yarns. All angora products are made by hand.


With our rabbits, we focus on health, ease of handling, and quality wool for the hand spinner. 


Our hearts remain with our specific American Angora Rabbits.  We believe in breeding a rabbit with a more gregarious personality. A fiber friend. 

Take a look around! You will find helpful resources for raising rabbits, angora products for sale, links to our blog, YouTube channel, podcast, Pinterest, and patterns! During a few magical times of the year, we offer American Angora Rabbits for adoption. If you are interested in a rabbit, please submit the "contact us" form. Transport is available.

What is an American Angora Rabbit?

An American Angora Rabbit is a blend of German angora, English angora and French angora rabbits. The ideal American Angora Rabbit strives to display the following characteristics:

1. Is not aggressive towards humans.

2. Produces wool ideal for hand spinners, with minimal matting, limited guard hair and limited furnishings. 

3. Is confident, curious and easy to train for shearing.

4. A doe is able to breed, kindle, and raise her kits with no human intervention in all months of the year.

5. A buck is able to breed a doe with a resulting pregnancy of 4 or more kits from one fall off, in all months of the year.

6. The buck is not aggressive towards kits 3 weeks and younger.

7. Rabbits can survive on a varied, rabbit appropriate diet, without health issues.

8. Rabbits are provided clean water and hay 24/7.

9. Rabbits are free from contact with urine and feces 24/7.

10. Rabbit housing allows for the rabbit to stand on hind legs, run, hide, avoid or access sunshine and elements as the rabbit desires. 

11. Rabbit housing is predator proof. 


12. American Angora Rabbits are accepted in any color. 

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Wallace, Michigan

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